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Brazed substrate technology from DCL is ideal for spark-ignited and diesel engine applications. Substrates are manufactured to almost any shape or size and are available from 100 to 600 cpsi. The oxidized surface morphology provides excellent adhesion characteristics for a variety of washcoat types. DCL brazed substrates have been extensively validated both in-house for thermal and mechanical shock, and in the field in a wide variety of engine applications.

Brazed substrates from DCL provide high resistance to mechanical shock, while at the same time giving customers an economical alternative to ceramic or non-brazed metal substrates currently on the market.

"It's a common misnomer that the substrate foil is a stainless steel. It's actually a specialty steel. The best quality foil is an alloy that is very high in chromium and alumina, which provides durability at high temperature and constant cycling from vibrations. Lower grade foil is less expensive but by contrast breaks down more quickly in continuous operation. This is an aspect rarely talked about by catalyst vendors, but it makes a big difference in service life. Having manufacturing control of our substrates allows us to optimize substrates for the unique operating conditions of gas compression and power generation engines, where there is continuous exhaust gas pulsations for thousands of hours."
- Joe Aleixo,
Director, Commercial Technology.
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