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MARINE-X® Diesel
Particulate Filter

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MARINE-X® Diesel particulate filters provide complete removal of black soot from on-board diesel engine exhaust in luxury yachts, ferries, tug boats and other vessels. A diesel engine outfitted with a MARINE-X® diesel particulate filter utilizes exhaust heat to continuously burn off soot. The MARINE-X® is custom designed for every application, to ensure easy installation into tight spaces. All units feature insulated exteriors made of polished stainless steel for marine grade aesthetics.


  • Custom engineered installation kits to fit any space, including mounting brackets and heat shield.
  • Polished stainless steel exterior with insulated shell.
  • Modular stainless steel housing with removable DPF elements for easy service.
  • Sound attenuation meets or exceeds most standard engine muffler.
  • Leak free design rated to 1.5 bar pressure.
  • Passive regeneration of diesel particulate matter and installs inline as part of the exhaust system with no need for external power source, burners or electric heaters.
  • Monitoring system and display panel shows visual status of the DPF.


DCL's MARINE-X® Diesel Particulate Filters are suitable for 4-cycle, high speed engines, where fuel is ultra-low sulfur diesel and engine-out PM emission level is equivalent to tier 1 or better. DCL backs every part with a comprehensive guarantee of performance and workmanship.

DCL sales professionals are strategically situated across North America and Europe to provide local emissions regulation expertise as well as expert product knowledge and sales support wherever you need it. For assistance selecting the right Diesel Particulate Filter for your needs, contact a DCL sales professional.