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DCL is committed to continuously improve its products in order to comply with the ever-changing environmental regulations. As a vertically integrated manufacturer of catalyst systems, DCL's R&D facilities encompass the design and manufacturing of substrates, catalyst coatings and housings.

For catalyst development, DCL uses a model gas reactor (MGR) for screening of promising new materials and formulations. The MGR is a bench scale system that simulates exhaust gas by controlling the flow of bottled gas through flow meters. Heaters raise the exhaust gas temperature as needed and exhaust gas analyzers are used to measure the gas. The MGR system involves mass spectrometers (MS), gas chromatographs (GC) and Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) machines. The system is computer controlled, so that the performance of small catalyst samples can be quickly evaluated on the system.

In addition to development of new or improved catalyst formulas, DCL uses its MGR system and catalyst characterization capabilities to evaluate catalysts from the field (by extracting small samples or cores), building a database of information to foster product improvement, and to provide customers with reports to diagnose issues with the engine and fuel. These reports are used to identify problems, such as ignition system failure, high lube oil consumption, fuel contaminants, excessive engine wear or a coolant breaches.

After initial development of catalyst formulations on the MGR, samples are scaled up to full size and evaluated on an engine. DCL's facility houses four test engines: a 120 hp Caterpillar 3054 diesel engine, a 46hp Kubota 2203 diesel engine, a 69 hp Cummins G5.9 natural gas engine and a 50hp Nissan H25 propane engine. Testing capabilities and resources at DCL include a micro dilution tunnel, six gas emission benches, and various types of diagnostic and sound attenuation tools.

DCL staff have published numerous papers and received patents on brazing techniques and construction of substrates.

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