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Catalyst coating technologies from DCL include a variety of formulations for three-way catalysts, oxidation catalysts, diesel oxidation catalysts, particulate filters, and several products in development.

The catalyst coating on engine emission control catalysts is typically a mixture of platinum group metals and washcoat consisting of alumina, ceria and other inorganic oxides. The washcoat adheres to the substrate foil and creates a large surface area allowing for catalytic material (platinum group metals) to be applied.

Whether the fuel is gasoline, diesel, LPG, or natural gas, the DCL catalyst formulation is optimized to treat the targeted engine emissions such as NOx, CO, hydrocarbons, formaldehydes, particulates or all of the above. These formulations are extensively validated in-house and in the field.

DCL can shift metal choices and loadings to adapt to commodity price fluctuations for platinum, palladium and rhodium.

Coating capabilities include a batch process for custom work and prototyping, and an automated line for high volume production.

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